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Selling two different style intake manifold options for Volvo B18/B20 for those looking to run dual Weber carburetors or equivalent with same base flange. No hardware included with either option. Both options will require minor modification for proper fitting depending on exhaust manifold and cylinder head being used. US only.

Option 1: SOLD!!!

Weber Redline manifold (one piece). New, never mounted. Short runners, slightly angled up. Carb side flange diameter matched for 40 DCOE, head side flange matched for stock head. Linkage on request.

Option 2: SOLD
TWM manifolds (L/R pair). Bought these off EBay some time ago (for t$$$ much money) only to realize later on that one of the flanges is chipped off (see last picture) and that the head side flange will need to be modified to accept dowels. Repairable but I didn't want to spend the money or effort to make them work. More desirable mid length runners, no angle (may require fender modification depending on air filter setup). Carb side flange opened up for 45 DCOE, head side flange matched for ported/modified cylinder head.
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