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im back from a trip to Manila! cant get enough of my car yet :) ill be heading down again to Philippines and this time GT with volvo folks down.


Hopefully you know me here in SS.
Selling for 15K

Will be included with the Car are as follows:
1) New version OEM Volvo load bars and Bike Rack
2) Menzari 18's - Rims only
3) Sport Tech Rims with Gislaved winter tires - tires almost brand new - Currently installed on the car.
3) the famous Vanilla 19's with almost new (2 months old) Michellin Super Sport 225/19/30
4) OEM volvo tire pressure guage
5) Complete manual and books that came with the car.
6) included are all in my signature.

This car is loved and paint is fantastic. Black (the upgraded paint when i bough the car new which they call with metallic)

Car is always indoor and each week is always treated with high end wax and polishes. i can also throw in the professional polisher i bought from Ez Shine.

Always maintained in Unionville Volvo even oil changes. (the know my car)

Reason for selling - Moving out to a warmer climate. :) cheers all.
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