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The Car: 2002 WRX Wagon. Platinum Silver Metallic. 5 Speed, AWD. 105,xxx miles. Daily driver, so add 20 miles per day.

The Price: $8,200 Come see it, then we certainly can negotiate.
The Location: Troy, NY 12180. 5 miles north of Albany, NY.
Contact info: 518-505-3403

History and full disclosure:

I bought this car with 74k miles on it, and from the original owner. The original owner was a 40 year old woman in NH, and the car was never modified by her in any way. The Carfax had a fantastic history, and showed tons of dealership maintenance performed.

For what it's worth, I'm 30 years old, extremely careful and OCD with my cars, and really treated this car very well. Never tracked, Auto-Xed, dragged, or launched. Although occasionally driven "enthusiastically", it's not once seen above 6000 RPM, or a hard shift. I've owned and maintained many turbocharged cars since age 16, and took great care of all of them.

The only issues that I ever had with this car are: Right after I bought it and got it home, it would "start hard". Nothing too crazy, but it would just take a bit more cranking time to fire up, and would smell like a bit like fuel upon cranking and starting. With the help of a forum member, I data-logged some sensors w/ a Tactrix cable, and pulled the plugs to inspect them. Doing this showed one "wet" spark plug. I came to the determination that a fuel injector was likely sticking open slightly when the car was off. Within the second week of owning this car, I swapped out the fuel injectors and Bingo, problem solved. The other issue I had was a cracked 3rd cat pipe (mid-pipe). Because of this, it was throwing a Cat inefficiency code. I replaced the cracked 3rd cat pipe with a Bosal "test pipe", and the code has never ever come back. It's been about 30,000 miles with no CEL or code... I always change my oil at 3-4k miles, and have been using only Rotella 5w-40 Synthetic, and German Castrol 0w-30 Synthetic, with either Subaru OEM filters, or Purolator Pure One filters (#PL14460).

Recent Maintenance Performed:

- Low mileage 440 Injectors and new O-rings @ 75k miles.
- Fuel filter @ 75k and 90k miles.
- Low mileage fuel pump, new tank seal, new pump relay @ 75k miles.
- Semi-metallic Centric brake pads @ 86k miles.
- Centric standard rotors (painted top-hats gloss black to prevent rust and blend with wheels) @ 86k miles.
- H6 rear rotor and bracket upgrade, & new caliper slide pins @ 86k miles. (larger rear disk reduces
front brake bias and diving on braking)
- OEM Subaru Extra-S oil for transmission, and Lucas 75w-90 Synthetic for rear differential. Both @ 90k miles.
- Rotella 5w-40 Synthetic and filter @ 103k miles.
- NGK BKR6E Platinum plugs, gapped to .030 @ 103k miles.
- OEM air filter @ 103k miles.
- Cleaned MAF and IACV @ 90k miles.
- New PCV valve @ 90k miles.


- Borla Hush 3" Catback exhaust. Tapers to 2.5" donut flange. (Borla Hush specific 3" adapter is available from several internet stores). Very modest exhaust, and looks stock.
- Bosal 3rd cat delete or "test pipe". The reason for using this is listed above. It has not, nor will it ever cause a CEL.
- Prosport boost / vacuum gauge. Green at night (tapped illumination circuit), white in the day. Wired properly (fused) and very clean install. Green matches OEM gauges well.
- SubieGal 52mm gauge pod (^ boost / vac gauge).
- Kartboy front shifter stay bushings.
- MOMO shift knob, from Subaru Dealer.
- 16" Impreza RS 6 spoke rims, powdercoated black. ZERO rash whatsoever.
- Dunlop Star Specs, w/ 10k miles on them.
- Cheapo front and rear strut tower braces. Rear made a noticeable difference, while the front did not.
- De-lettered the hatch.

- If I receive close to asking price, I will include the stock WRX wheels, with 1 season old mounted snow tires (Cooper Weather Masters).

Interior Condition:

- 8.5 out of 10, and I'm picky.. No rips, tears, noticeable stains, heavy wear, etc. I'd buy new floor mats, but again, that's just me.

Exterior Condition:

- 8 out of 10. Has two small dings, that all could be fixed easily with PDR. Caused by your average parking lot jackass, throwing their car door open with no regard to their surroundings.
- Again, because I park on the city streets sometimes, the rear bumper has some scratches on the corners only. I've touched them up with Subaru PSM touch-up paint. Pictures will be provided.
- Last year I was in a very low speed accident (less than 15 mph). 100% her fault. The front bumper sustained only a 3" crack. The result was a new bumper skin, and headlight. Hood, fender and bumper were blended perfectly. Looks great.


**Here are a bunch more photos. http://flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/5A97B2/

There are pictures of current wheel set-up, as well as my stock wheels. Black RS rims are current photos. Just come see the car if you need to see more.
Should you need more pictures, please clearly state what it is you want to see. Also, please do not offer me anything other than the full asking price, if you're making an offer w/out seeing the car first. Thank you.
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