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1. Snap-On GAX36 36"1/2 drive female end with 3/8 male socket receiver end for sockets This extension is for installing bolts. It is a torque extension similar so torque extensions that are used on wheels. The torque rating is 2000 inch pounds. It is primarily used for installing transmission bolts. Exc.cond. $65 shipped lower48 states.
2.Mac tools VB34EXR 34" 1/2 drive female end with 3/8 socket receiver end for sockets. This one is thicker steel than the Snap-On extension because it is intended to remove bolts. It will not flex like the Snap-On extension so removing hard to reach bolts is never a problem with a decent impact gun or breaker bar. $85 shipped to lower 48.
3.Snap-On 1/2 drive Deep well Impact 5 piece set. 1/2",9/16",5/8",11/16",3/4" on a socket rail. Sells for $450 from the Snap-On dealer truck. I will sell for $250 shipped to lower 48.
All tools have a lifetime warranty with any dealer no matter where you got them!!! They are all in ex.cond.
I see no reason to post pics because they are what they are. But if ya must see pics, you can pm me and provide me with your email so that I can send ya the pics.
Sending pics to me is a pia because I don't have a smart phone and I ain't smart enough to figure out that photobucket crap with my cheap ass dig camera.
No chops in price. These are very good deals for someone that can use them.
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