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am selling my now left over spoiler from my car. It is the one from an R-Design (or simply bodykit).

Colour: Java Brown Metallic.
Condition: had an accident but isn't f**ked. Some scrapes (scratches) are visible. The overall condition is good though! 3 of the 4 underfloor brackets have snapped/broken off, but two of those had already been damaged. Was sprayed last year in october, so it isn't really in the need of a respray. The spoiler isn't buckled, nor have any of the mountin clips broken.

Will ship worldwide!

I'd like to see €100 (about $125) or nearest offer + shipping to destination.

Shipping to USA/CAN would be a little dear. I CAN cut it in half though! As it will probably want a respray (I doubt many have the Java Brown colour) a bodyshop can join both together again. Shipping would then be cheaper.

If interested: give me a shout! :)
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