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$110 shipped to lower 48

Bought new; I used it over the past year and a half to keep stuff flying into the front while car was packed to the roof going back and forth from school. It can either be positioned directly behind the front seats if the rear seats are down for cargo or it can be positioned between the back seat and the cargo area.

Volvo part number 8698589 XC70 and V70 MY 01-07

Copy and paste from the product description:
The safety net should be used every time the rear seat backrest is folded down, and when large and heavy objects are transported. The safety net functions both when the rear seat backrest is in the upright position and when folded down, but is primarily intended to provide protection behind the front seat. The traditional steel protective grille is intended for use behind the rear seat. The safety net can be folded at the centre with hinges to facilitate storage when not in use. Quick and easy installation using existing brackets and attaching eyes. No modifications need to be done to the car.

Pics: (keys for scale)
Full size image links:

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