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Contact Information
Name: Brandon P.
Location: NJ
Contact: PM // [email protected]
Price: $200 shipped!


I am selling my AT&T Tilt it's in perfect condition. If you took a look
at it you would think it's out of the box. The reason why I am selling it is
because the phone is too much for me. It has so many features I don't use.
I've only used it for about 3 months and it's a great phone! I have a screen
protector on it, so the screen is in excellent condition. It has a different operating system (Hyperdragon Windows 6.1+) which is better and fast then
the operating system that the phone came with.
I forgot to add, the phone has a extremely minor chip on the top right corner.
The chip is so minor that you can't even notice it.
The battery cover where the speaker is, the chrome is worn off a little due to normal wear.

What's included:
Wall Charger
2 Pointer Stylus'
Computer Cable
Belt Holder

Any questions or concerns feel free to ask.

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