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Up for sale is my 945T. I'm in college right now and don't really need two cars. This vehicle has served as my daily driver for a bit over 2.5 years now; it's been mostly solid and dependable save for a few specific parts that seemed to reach the end of their service life during my ownership of it. It's had a selection of modifications added to it between the previous owner and myself, but the majority of the time/money has gone towards getting it mechanically up to par (which I'd say it certainly is.)

09/1990 945T YV1JA875XM2005163
Dark green/tan
248,500 miles on chassis
120,XXX miles on motor


IPD 25mm front/rear sway bars
IPD adjustable panhard rod
IPD lower chassis brace
IPD sport springs on Sachs/Boge Turbo Gas shocks/struts (Installed at 178k in June 2006)
Euro H1/H4 headlamps with Daniel Stern relays
Zimmermann rotors/Pagid pads at all four corners (installed in May 2012)

Parts replaced within the last year or so:

Both fuel pumps
Rebuilt Bosch alternator
Front ball joints/tie-rods
Front CAB's
Engine and transmission mounts
All charge/boost hosing
New Bosch starter
New Goodyear Eagle LS tires (front) and Pirelli P-Zero Nero tires with about 1/2 life remaining (rear)

Work performed during Nov. 2011 motor swap:

Replaced motor with ±110k mile B230FT
Replaced rear main seal
Replaced timing belt/tensioner
Replaced oil pan gasket and intake gasket

I have a considerable stack of records dating back to the vehicle's purchase, I have transcribed everything to a PDF file, please PM me if you're interested in seeing this and I'll e-mail it. [Edit: Also, the A/C works fantastic, moreso after having it evacuated and recharged in 2011.]

Alas, it does have it's share of aesthetic flaws. Much of the paint on the roof and hood is either faded or flaking away (in the case of the hood, where it was poorly resprayed at some point.) The rear driver's side has a good size dent in the rear quarter when the car was involved in a bump-up in a parking lot. The front bumper is sagging at both sides after I was involved in a collision at an intersection some time ago. I'd say, aesthetically, it's a 6/10; with a respray of the roof and hood and some dent work, this thing would not look like it's seen nearly a quarter million miles.

^ Key in position 2, note that all instument lights function as normal.

^ Car at idle, idle speed at roughly 800-850 rpm. The only light on the instrument cluster is the 'SRS' lamp, which may be a sensor.

I had one request on Turbobricks (where the car is also listed) via PM for the pictures of the weathered areas on the body (mainly the hood and the roof.) See below.

Also available is an Autocheck report for this car:

Visit this website, and enter the VIN (YV1JA875XM2005163) to view the Autocheck report.

Asking price is $1700, negotiable. Please contact me via PM for more information, car is located in Hickory, North Carolina. Title in hand, ready to go.
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