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Over the last 10 months or so I've been working on what I call my unicorn rescue project - putting back together a smashed up 2006 Sonic Blue M66 V70R purchased from the insurance auction. Now that that car is finally roadworthy I'm ready to sell the high mileage V70R I've been using as a daily driver for the last year or so.

It will be a few days before I can take some new pics, but cosmetically it's in more or less the same condition as when I bought it - see the previous for sale thread for details:


The car has some good and bad points. I had planned on addressing the known issues myself but I'm all out of DIY-juice after all the work done on the 2006, and I need the garage space for a vintage Italian car that's currently in a big metal box somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.

I know too much about the car's condition to plead ignorance, and I can't stand it when people don't accurately describe a car's condition. So I figure I'll lay all my cards on the table. If nobody is interested as-is at $5500 I'll bring it to my indy to have the work done then put it back on the market at a higher price.

The 3 main problems are:
- Front brake shimmy (same as when I bought it, though it wasn't disclosed)
- Rear driveshaft rattles around, needs to be rebuilt (same as when I bought it, though it wasn't disclosed)
- Ominous rattle coming from the engine at 10+ PSI boost (recent development, turbo may be shot)

I have a good used turbo I'll include with the car, along with all the gaskets / etc. needed for installation. The turbo is from a 2006 but I have the later style OTE pipe as well.

There are no check engine codes, car drove well with lots of power before this recent rattle and can still be driven, but I recommend staying out of the throttle. I have VIDA / Dice if you'd like to check the current codes.

Other changes from the previous description:
- NO THIRD ROW SEAT - it's now in my Sonic VR
- NO BUILT IN BOOSTERS - also in the Sonic VR. The non-booster VR seat bottom I swapped in is in like-new condition
- Installed the (expensive!) IPD drop-in intercooler, makes a huge difference in power on hot days
- Installed the (expensive!) IPD intercooler-to-throttle-body pipe, since the OEM one wouldn't fit the IPD intercooler as advertised
- Zip tie fix for A/C compressor is in place, A/C is ice cold all the time now. Car had the (non-disclosed) A/C cut-out problem when I bought it
- New General all-seasons (<3k miles or so) to replace the completely shot winter tires in multiple sizes that were on the car (described as 70% tread)
- Replaced alarm unit
- Moonroof now works perfectly (was non-functional when I bought it, though not disclosed)
- Seat wear better described as "blown seam on outside of upper Driver's side booster, along with typical Nordkap fading"
- Driver's seat heater doesn't work (same as when I bought it, though not disclosed)
- No power getting to Nav unit, I haven't cared enough to try and fix it (same as when I bought it, though not disclosed)
- I removed the busted cup holder cover because it was annoying
- CNT downpipe is back in the car, if you need to pass emissions I have a Magnaflow cat to weld in
- One of the Pegasus wheels has leprosy or something. Hard to describe, I'll take some pics when I can get it out of the garage and clean it up.
- In spite of the loose rear driveshaft AWD system is working fine.

PM if interested. If I don't get any serious interest by the end of the week I'll bring it in to Bob's Volvo in Denver to start work. It really is a nice car, especially for the miles. I've tried to include lots of information about the flaws because it sucks making a long-distance deal for a car only to find out later there are a lot more problems than you thought there were. AMHIK.
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