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Black/Dark Blue 2004 s60r with 65,xxx on it.
Has all options besides the navi. Has the 4 disc cd changer and has the aero kit from factory. the white hid lights that move up and down ( i dont know if all R's have them), heated seats, and carbon fiber dash accents.

The good
Just got it inspected 4 days ago
New tires put on 2 weeks ago Falken Ziex on the 18 inch Pegasus wheels
New right side ballast was just installed
New window wipers (lol..)
New rear brake pads and fronts have plenty of life left
Oil changed every 3k miles
always used 93 sunoco fuel
Transmission flushed 10k miles ago
only 65k on it
Has a front mount intercooler the owner before me must have installed it because i didn't know they didn't come stock
Has a K&n drop in filter ( i recharge it every now and then with the recharge kit)

The bad
The car does have an R title from having the rear 1/4 panel smashed and suspension being wrecked on the passenger side rear to my knowledge... The car looks and drives perfect. It was fixed by a professional body shop and I wouldn't have bought it if it weren't so. I have put 15,000 on it in the past 3 years and I think it's time for me to move on to another car. I used this mainly in the snow and weekends when I had to take long trips and didn't want to take my s2000. (long trips in a boosted s2000 isn't really fun)
The driver side front lip fell off.... I can get another one installed on the car if someone is serious about buying this car. Volvo wanted 180 for it and my friend works at the BMW body shop and can paint it for free. (since he was the one that hit a curb with it....)

I don't really know if 10,000 for the car is fair or not, but from what i've been seeing this car with this many miles on it usually goes for 14k+. People say that with R title cars you sell it at around 80% of what a clean title car would be, but i'm selling it at around 70% which i think is more than fair. I've seen it as low as 9,500, but with over 100k miles on it. Anyways I know the R title will scare a lot of people away and personally i never thought that i would buy one myself, but after test driving it and taking it to a mechanic i found that there was nothing wrong with the car at all, so i bought it. Feel free to come check it out and have a mechanic check it out to see if it's in good shape or not.

Anyways thanks for taking the time to see my listing. I know i'm new to this forum, but I can tell you that i will not screw anyone over... Like i said you can come check the car out yourself and you can take it to a mechanic of your choice to have it checked out.

best way to reach me is 7176442144 which is my cellphone. You can call me anytime. I usually sleep around 2am and i'm up around 8am. I work from 9am-5pm at a law firm that doesn't get any reception, but if you txt me i might get it. Leave me a message or txt me and i'll get it right when i get out of work and i'll get back to you asap.

As for pictures i'll upload some later and i'll post them up for you guys. Thanks again for looking

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