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FS: 2004.5+ S40 Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs

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not too many miles on them. feel free to ask any questions or anything... its late and im too tired to take pictures or write anything else right now... just wanted to get my post up first. let me know if youre interested.


Modified by taintedintuition at 12:46 AM 3-30-2009
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Re: (gmugolf)

Guys these are definitely worth it. I just got some installed and it make a world of difference....Good luck with the sale...
these are for FWD. i just responded to the pm. please respond by email because i almost never receive the PMs from swedespeed =/ thanks

[email protected]

ill email your posted email address
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What are you planning to switch the springs up with?
Re: (Vash13)

i got a set of coilovers.
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Does anyone know how much it will lower my car if I already have the Dynamic Sport suspension?
Re: (erikbraucht)

I think the dynamic sport suspension only lowers it 40mm so I think its about 1.5 inches so if I am wrong it might not lower it just might do the opposite.
Re: (erikbraucht)

hmm, i wish i could answer that question... sorry...
Re: (taintedintuition)

yes the Eibach springs lower it 1.2 inches. If it is indeed true that the dynamic suspension lowers 1.5 inches you're better off staying with what you've got.
Re: FS: 2004.5+ S40 Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs (taintedintuition)

will these fit an 08 C30?
I have the T5 FWD with sports package. Will this lower it?
Re: (erikbraucht)

Quote, originally posted by erikbraucht »
I have the T5 FWD with sports package. Will this lower it?

does that come with the volvo lowering springs? do you have a picture of your car?
i belive the spring will lower a little more then the volvo sport springs and i am sure theres alot more performance with them.
I had the sport springs then went to the Eibachs and the Eibachs will lower the car.
Re: (Silver T5)

thanks, kp and silver t5! haha. so, now that that question is answered... who wants 'em? =D
what coilover u get
Re: (kpsingh0)

ksports. kinda broke hehe.
free bump
how do you like those k sports
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