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This 1998 S90 is a single-family car. My mom owned it until 2011 when she purchased a new S60. It was too cool of a ride to let her trade it in, so I took ownership. She took it in for service religiously at Tom Wood Volvo in Indiana (book is stamped with every service she did through to Jan ’11) and I’ve kept it maintained equally well in the past year that I’ve had it (I have receipts for most of the major work done below).

The good:

  • The condition of the car is probably as clean as you can find. Seats have held up better than any I've ever seen. There is maybe 1 legitimate ding on a door and a few paint scuffs and that's about it. I’ve had numerous offers from random strangers to purchase it when they've come across it. (in hindsight - should have taken those offers) The paint, interior, etc is still holding up great.
  • 100% stock down to the original factory wheels, spare tire tools, etc.
  • Never been in an accident
  • Engine is still silky smooth, just as you’d expect from a straight-6

    Recent repairs include:
  • Power driver’s seat motors replaced
  • New AC compressor and full recharge of the system
  • Two new ignition control modules
  • New battery (Volvo OEM...my mom got EVERYTHING done at the dealership!)
  • New rear brake pads
  • New air filter
  • Tires are basically brand new
  • New headlights, I think I put in Silverstars

The bad:

  • Currently has a check engine light + transmission light on. The transmission control module (TCM) needs to be replaced. New, it’s a $400 part that you can DIY simply by reaching underneath the dashboard in the driver’s side foot well.
  • One of the tires has a slow leak. It’s located at 3’oclock (relative to the valve stem at 12) right where the tire meets the rim. Some bead sealant will fix it.
  • I think my mom probably snuck a few smokes in the car during her time driving it. Nothing she'd ever admit to and I can't see any evidence of it, but that's my suspicion so I'm disclosing it!

Normally, I would fix all the issues before selling, but I now live overseas and am in the US for just a couple of weeks. I simply don’t have time to track down the part from a salvage yard (~$100 if you pull the TCM from a junked 960 or S90).

I’ve sold several cars on EBay and have a 100% rating over 10+ years:


Here is the feedback left by the purchaser of my S2000 last year:

Item arrived promptly in excellent condition as advertised. Outstanding seller!

If you’re in the Bay Area, you’re welcome to come by and check it out. For buyers elsewhere, I’m very good about coordinating with your shipper if you have it picked up. Best of luck to everyone who bids, we really would love to see this car go to an enthusiast!

Located: San Jose, CA
Mileage: 99,986
Price: $3,795 obo

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