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Hello everyone,
First time poster, a friend recommended this forum to me as I've had trouble selling off my old Volvo. The Volvo in question is a Red '96 850 Turbo. :( Sad to see it go(twas my first car, and a great car it was), but it blew it's head gasket and needs a new radiator as well so it is no longer running. I don't have the time or place to perform such repairs, but I imagine someone out there would love to take on such a project. Also the AC does not work and the odometer broke awhile back (slipped gear probably), but the car has approx. 130k miles on it. Now with the big negatives out of the way, it does have a full leather interior, premium Bose sound system w/ cd player and tapedeck, Auto Tran., and power sunroof.Non-smoking owners. I'm asking 750 O.B.O. which I think is pretty reasonable for anyone that's looking for a new project in the Dallas, TX area.

Dennis T.
[email protected] or PM me.

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