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I am selling my 1974 Volvo 142 with the non-overdrive four-speed manual due to an upcoming move. This car has factory air conditioning and tach, both of which were optional. 1974 was the last year for the 140 series, and the only year with Bosch K-Jetronic mechanical fuel injection.

I bought this car about two years ago non-running and got it to run, but set it aside due to my other project car coming back from the body shop. I dove back into this one over the last month ago and have it running again, for the most part.

- Mileage is approximately 180,370
- New parts in the last month: distributor cap, rotor, points, condenser, plug wires (all Bosch parts) and NGK plugs. Also replaced leaky #2 injector.
- New/rebuilt in the last two years: rebuilt fuel distributor, new battery (kept on battery tender), new coil, warm-up regulator, cold-start injector, auxiliary air valve, fuel filter, master cylinder, front calipers and front brake lines. I also replaced some small parts - washer nozzle, turn signal lens and headlight retainers
- I just completed a valve adjustment
- I got the car with incorrect and poor-condition 14-inch 240 wheels and junk tires. I have replaced them with correct 15-inch Volvo wheels and almost-new Fuzion tires, which are slightly wider than stock, but the correct diameter for speedometer accuracy.
- Needs exhaust (I have it and it comes with the car)
- A new replacement fuel tank comes with the car - yes, I was scrounging Ebay, etc. for deals for this project...

I drained the old gas when I got the car and I've been running ethanol treatment in it to preserve rubber parts. According to the previous owner, it had been driving regularly up until about 2008 (I bought it in 2010).

Current Condition: Needs paint, but has minimal rust for its age. The only rust-through is on the passenger side rocker panel (replacement metal available) and a very small - maybe pencil eraser sized - hole in the driver's side rear area of the floor pan. The interior is generally in pretty good condition, though sun faded. The exception is that the driver's seat is torn and worn. Dash has a few cracks, but I have a Coverlay for it. It needs an exhaust, but I have a brand new system in the garage and ready to go on.

Right now, it starts and runs, but not always, so it's not completely reliable at this time. I would recommend checking timing, now that I've adjusted the valves. If my move does not happen as quickly as I think it might, I will likely send it to a local shop for final tuning and for the exhaust installation. Regardless, I've had it running several times in the last few weeks and it has idled well the last couple times; so it has fuel and spark...it's close!

Basically everything I have tested works, including fan, heater, interior lights/dimmer, exterior lights (I replaced some bulbs), dome light, etc. The exceptions are the AC and horn. I got it from the previous owner with no belt on the AC compressor. I assume it developed a leak at some point and was taken out of service. The AC compressor clutch does sound like it works, however. I was waiting to get it driving, then was going to have a shop find/fix any leaks and charge it up. I haven't looked into the horn yet, but that can't be too bad (relay, wiring or switch).

Asking price is $1,500 OBO. Thanks for looking!

Buyer is responsible for shipping or pick-up. Due to no exhaust, please bring a trailer and means to get it on the trailer (I can help!).

More pics (mostly LARGE):





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