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Re: Frustrated....need to vent (JABRD__s60R)

A common known problem, for which Volvo has no fix. I had it on my 2004 V70R and now my 2005 V70R, which have different head units, HU-803 and HU-850, but same under seat amplifier.

The under seat amplifier can not deliver it's rated output, for any sustained period without going into high temperature overload. Mind you this is on a system that Volvo audio engineers designed end to end. I do extended touring in my car and if I am also listening at high amplitudes, that is when it will shut down. The "Volvo" fix is to turn down the volume. I suspect an underseat fan to move some air might help, however I have not done that due to dust and noise considerations. I have never had the center channel cut out, which of course is driven directly from the head unit.
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