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Front Suspension

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Hey all:

I have a couple of questions and I will try to describe the situation as clearly as possible.

First. When I am at any speed (it is worse at higher speeds) and I hit a bump (start of a bridge for instance or pothole that has been covered up) my steering wheel vibrates with the suspension. I can feel the steering wheel vibrate up and down. I can not move it while driving (with the latch in the locked position) but when I hit a bump I can feel it "move/vibrate" Is this a product of the stiffer suspension on the R cars or is it a suspension component that I should look into replacing?

Also, whenever I turn at low speeds I can hear a clunk from the front end. Is this something that needs to be replaced?

Has anyone else had these problems? Any assisstance or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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The low speed grinding you hear while turning is most likely the "steering knuckles" (i believe they're called this) on the A-arm assembly. If you look on the A-arm assembly you'll see an oval-shaped piece of plasticky looking material...just rub a light coat of grease on that and the low-speed groaing should stop.

As far as the movement/vibration from the wheel...that can't be good. never felt that before in my older 850 wagon or my newer V70. I would have that looked at quickly.

Tony P.

98 V70 T5M
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