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I own a 2007 V50 B5244S4 engine (made in Belgium for Japan market, JDM export to New Zealand).

The "Check Engine" light intermittently comes on. When I bought the car (NZ$1,200 = US$800), the seller said it was the front O2 sensor. My mechanic put his expensive OBC unit on and said the same thing.

So I called the local Denso store and the price is NZ$420 (U$283). Time to hop on line

But the part numbers and prices are all over the place:

DOX-0405 (Denso Hot Line AU)
439000-1280 (Denso Hot Line AU)
OXY-1697 (NZ Denso Distributor)
30651723 (Replaces DOX-0405)
30751797 (Pelican US$193)
439000-1280 (NZ cross reference)
234-4454 (Amazon) https://www.amazon.com//dp/B001F7EKPI/ US$68 plus $6 shipping

The obvious way to go is the Amazon 234-4454 part at US$74 delivered to my door in a week. It says it fits the V50 S4 and is OEM.

Has anyone gone through this before, and if so what did you find?

For future members who query, if you know, please cross off wrong numbers and add any new ones. Key words "Lambda Sensor" "Oxygen Sensor" "O2 Sensor"
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