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front end removal

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are there any threads with a walkthrough on taking the front end off our s40's? i think there is something clicking in my radiator fan so i want to get in there and take a look. any help would be great
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Re: front end removal (phillm3swede)

Check out the intercooler install threads, linked in the sticky. Also look at the bellintercooler.com instructions, which are very good.

The radiator fan isn't on the front of the car, though, it's behind the rad. What kind of clicking?

thanks, yea it sounds like there is something in the housing of the fan like sitting on the bottom because if the fan is not spinning it feels like something is impeding it from motion, but then if you jostle it it comes loose and spins freely. I think a piece of plastic or something fell down there while i was installing my intake
Re: (phillm3swede)

I think you should put the front wheels on ramps and drop the plastic splash pan. You can get right up there to take a close look.

yea thats what im gonna do, thanks
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