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Recently noticed my 2006 V8 was making a loud "THUNK" noise when applying torque \ getting the car moving from a stop, and a much quieter "clink" when stepping on the brake or engine braking.

I though it was the spring perch or the subframe bushings so I was going to put it off until I do the major front end overhaul.

Recently it occurred to me that this didn't start happening until I had to remove the upper engine mount to get to the alternator.

Checked, and sure enough, the driver's side mount to bracket bolt was loose.

The problem here is that the bracket is a through-bolt design with a nut on the bottom side. You need to assemble and mount the entire engine mount to the strut towers to line them up, but when they are mounted you can't access the bottom nut that that locks the crossbar to the strut mount bracket.

I bolted up the passenger side finger tight, removed the bolt going to the engine so I could lift up the driver's side.

I lined up the driver's side of the mount, then lifted it off the strut to access the nut on the bottom. I put a simple adjustable wrench on the bottom nut and used a rattle gun to lock it in place. Important note is to use the impact gun, not a socket and ratchet because when you use a socket and ratchet, the strut bracket will rotate with the bolt, ruining the alignment and preventing you from reinstalling it to the strut tower.

After putting it all back together, no more loud clunks coming from the front end. Just a quiet "creeeeek" now when braking and the front suspension dives. That's going to be fixed in the "front end overhaul"

Hope this helps someone else.
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