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Front D/S 940 Headlamp w/Fog NIB

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Found a headlamp in my basement. Its in new condition in VOLVO box. As I recall, I needed to replace my headlamp glass and tried it with just a glass piece but it broke. Before I could replace the assembly, I got in an accident and totaled the car. Asking $175. Will provide pics, just message me.

Part no. 337290-001.

EDIT: Mis-typed asking price of $75. I am willing to negotiate from the $175 price. Sorry for my error. Will provide pics ASAP.

Modified by omega6_virus at 4:28 PM 3-14-2009

EDIT: Here are the pics.

Modified by omega6_virus at 5:19 PM 3-14-2009
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Re: Front D/S 940 Headlamp w/Fog NIB (omega6_virus)

Headlight is SOLD.

Thank you professor.volvo
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