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Front coil-overs only?

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I've got the Heico 1.3" Springs on my V50 fwd . The lowering is OK, but would like to go an inch lower in the front. I figuare the best way would be front only coil-overs. Does anyone know if I can even buy them this way?
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Re: Front coil-overs only? (V50_T5)


I can supply a pair of front 'coilovers' only from the kit that I stock here in London.

If you could post your email address or email me directlyI will send you pictures and prices.

We would have to make sure that the spring rates are compatible with whatever you have at the rear, that is no problem and it will not alter the price.

Regards, Don.

email [email protected]
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Re: Front coil-overs only? (don.norchi)

e-mail sent. thanks Don
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