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With 40k miles on my 2001 S40, my brake warning light came on. I don't like to run the pads until the warning lights come on (on many pads, the sensors are placed in a manner that would probably damage the rotor before the light ever turned on).

Well, I'm glad to report that their was plenty of pad on the fronts even after 40k (unlike my rears which I replaced at 21k with not much left on it). Procedure for replacing the fronts is all textbook, and quite easy to do. My kit only came with two replacement bolts though, so check your kit out and get a couple extra in case yours doesn't have it.

I don't quite understand how the sensors work on the s40 though, is the metal clip the sensor? If so, then it must actually contact the rotor to activate, which seems like not such a smart thing to do.

I'm looking for some harder aftermarkets for the rears the next time I do it. Anyone confirm that there is an aftermarket pad avaialble in the US for the s40 yet? I haven't seen one
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