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This is just a post for people looking to replace their damaged air guide.

I damaged one of the tip clips that goes into the bumper reinforcement eyelets and I tried getting a new one while I was changing the intercooler (I was already in there).

The correct part number for 04 R's is 9190493. Unfortunately that is out of production and Volvo decided to reduce costs by superseding it with the regular P2 part number that is 30744084.
I order that and it is not the same. You can look at the pictures: there si a big middle section that is now missing and there is a tall semi flexible lip added.
What that means is:
1. you cannot install the brake air guide's deflectors because of both the new lip and the missing material due to the cut. So your brakes cooling will suffer if you track/heavy use your brakes.
2. the bottom of the radiator and fan are going to be exposed to road debris
3. the ground clearance is going to decrease due to the lip, and the lip may catch into things
4. the air flow under engine will change. Not sure if for better or worse but there is the all important oil cooler that is already very close to the downpipe.

View from the bottom of new part
View from the front of new part
The original part under my car

I returned the part and going to fix the old one somehow.
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