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Hey everyone,

I just thought I would post a friendly reminder to everyone to check your 4c accelerometers... 2 on each side behind the front bumper under the headlights, two on each front strut, and one on the left cubby in the trunk that should be TIGHTLY BOLTED DOWN.

The only reason I am posting this is because recently I started getting the Chassis Settings error, and thought I may have some expensive problems needing repair. I finally decided to look at the sensors and the damn rear sensor was not even connected. It was just hanging loose in the left trunk cubby.

Here's the kicker... The sensor is bolted down using the same bolt that holds down the mounting bracket for the navigation system (if you have it). My bolt was firmly bolted down, holding the navigation bracket, but not the sensor!

I have owned this car for over 2 years, and the last time anyone touched the navigation unit was over a year ago to replace some faulty wiring. This means that sensor has been dangling for that long (as it cannot come off unless the bolts is taken off)... damn Volvo techs! Why it just started erroring is beyond me... it must have been wedged somewhere where it didn't move.

Went for a drive, and the errors are now gone... and HOLY **** this car drives like a COMPLETELY different car... it handles so much tighter, doesn't feel as rough over bumps, and is just literally 100 times better than it used to be, all from one mistake on one little sensor. The back end feels so much more poised and now I can feel that the back end felt "lower" like it was sagging all the time before.

Seriously people... even if you think you know your car and say "nahhh, there's nothing wrong with it"... CHECK IT! It could make a world of a difference... it did for me!

Oh... and here is a picture of where the sensor is located (from another thread) for those who are not familiar:

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