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Hello to all my fellow Volvo drivers;

Let me give you all the run down of my problem. A few days ago I got an idea to make my side markers (off a S70) stay on with my front turn signals and the way this was to be done was to splice the wires in the front turn signal circuit. And there were 3 wires (drivers side) BLACK, GREEN, WHITE, and for the side markers to stay on in sequence with the front turn signals I had to splice the white wire to the green wire, somehow during this mishap I've ended frying the white wire so, now the blinkers work but the light it self does not go on when I switch it on (I know for a fact that it's the white wire I tested it for current). So do you all think am I bit out of my league trying to tackle this problem I was wondering if any of you know where the wire leads to the fuse then to the switch in the cockpit etc. I was thinking of getting a new white wire and hooking it up to it's power supply and re-routing it to the signal?

Thank you all sincerely:
Daniel Pozzobon
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