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2007 V70 2.5T FWD
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FREE for postage shipped to anywhere served by the USPS.

Turn signal/indicator/high beam stalk switch from '07 V70 2.5T FWD. My V70 was turning on high beams when indicating a right turn. See: '07 V70 2.5T turn signal/indicator stalk &amp...

I had IPD ship a new replacement switch at $125 before I more thoroughly investigated making a repair. I've installed the new switch and the original is available for postage if you would like to make the repair. The plastic is cracked on the backside out of sight, which is likely the cause. I have looked at the contacts on the underside of the circuit board as depicted in videos and they are fine. I have not attempted further disassembly.

According to the IPD invoice, the new switch is Volvo part No. 31268561 and fits "XC90 ALL, P2 2007+". My guess is it will fit earlier P2 cars too, but has the matte chrome ring instead of black.

First PM that reads "I'll take the turn signal stalk" with email address and USPS address holds it. I'll send a Square invoice by email to you for the postage.




I don't have the glue, but curious, I removed a screw to see what access I could get, and it turned out to be easy:

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