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Free 1985 740 GLE:

Rough obviously---needs a "little" work. Also engine may likely be seized due to the *&^^%$ who borrowed it who apparently continued to drive it with radiator damage (?)

---No rust
---Virtually complete, parts-wise
---Interior good
--- Clear title

Car is located near DC/Baltimore-ish. Will need to be towed (obviously). You may sleep here overnight if necessary.

Transmission had/has the usual Volvo symptom of, if after driving 1/2 hour or more or so it won't engage in reverse, but if you let it cool down it will. Otherwise trans works/worked fine.

This could be a good candidate for a chev v-8 swap----just needs a "little" bodywork.

i think an ideal combo would be a 4.3 v-6 with TH-350, but i just don't have the time, space, and enough love.

Thus, i'm offering it up.

Also, have complete maintenance records from day one (July 85) if that matters.

Car weighs about 2750lbs. as weighed on commercial scale.
Rear axle ratio, is i believe 3.91 but would have to further research this to confirm.
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