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Jesse~ thanks for the heads up on the wagon. I did talk with the seller who bought it for his wife new in '95. She recently got a Lexus and the wagon is sitting. He has it with a starting bid that is too high and I told him this on the phone today when he called me. That price is above retail for the mileage. he says it in very good condition but the paint is scatched here and there... I wish the guy had some better pics.

he also knows it's a very rare wagon but said his price was flexible.

now here's the bizarre part. I talked to him today and an hour later I drove past the yellow 95 wagon I see a few times a year in my town. It was parked at a meter and for the second time I left a note on it

I am really considering a move to a 2000 V70R in a year or so but the lure of the yellow wagon continues.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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