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"Forget-Me-Not" key didn't start

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Last month I found the forget-me-not seed key that we got in the mail last fall from volvo after our OSD trip.

I tried planting it next (but about 8" apart) from some marigold seeds.

It's one month later, and the marigolds are now starting to die in the summer heat, but the forget me not's never bloomed. No growth, no seedlings, nothing.

I just put the key, intact, flat in the ground, watered the seeds normally. Just a nice blank patch in the ground.

Has anyone else gotten this OSD trinket to grow?
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Warranty issue. Dig it up and bring it to your dealership.

I planted mine this spring, and while I haven't seen any flowers yet, they are sprouting.
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Re: (universityvolvoOSD)

Quote, originally posted by universityvolvoOSD »
Warranty issue. Dig it up and bring it to your dealership.

That is possible Kris
...but the first thing a local dealership will ask is.... "Are you running high test 91 octane or higher in your planting soil?"

Now you know I mix in 100 octane. Probably too much for the garden. Maybe I should put exhaust bracket out there fo decoration.
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