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This is my first foray into selling a car; please be kind!

I'm soon to take delivery of a 2020 V60 through Overseas Delivery, so my V70 needs to find a new home.
I am the second owner. I purchased her as CPO with 37K from Annapolis Volvo in 2002. She now has 200,700 miles.
Engine runs beautifully and she handles like a youngster. Passengers still comment on how quiet and smooth she is.

Garage-kept in Maryland.

I have been driving her daily for almost 18 years and would keep her if either my husband or I were mechanically inclined.

Items that need to be addressed:

Air conditioning - compressor leak
Cam seal - leaking oil slowly
Timing belt is overdue for change
Emergency brake cable is shot
Rear gate needs new hydraulics
Brakes and tires need replacing

Looks great, but showing her age in some areas (see photos). Photos were taken before cleaning.
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