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I'm looking to get one, I'm debating between ARD and RICA, I have the softloader for RICA since I used them on my old 2008 2.5T before ARD was around, so if you factor in the costs of overnight shipping the ARD tune and RICA tunes would be about the same price.

That being said I have a few questions about the R specific tunes. First off I would like to know what a RICA stage II tune's target boost pressure is, ARD's would be 18psi if I went that route (yet I spoke with Lucky a while back and he said that with my mods I could run 20psi safely if I don't have a lead foot in the summer time).

Second: what happens to the rev limiter and fuel cut off? I heard that the fuel/boost starts getting severely cut at 6000rpm on the stock tune, and that the limiter is around 6800rpm. Would a tune move the fuel/boost cut off to higher in the rev range? If so do you happen to know what the new max revs are?

Third: Throttle mapping? Advanced obviously has greater throttle response on the stock tune, would the addition of a tune keep throttle response this way or would it make throttle response even throughout the three chassis settings? I don't really have a preference either way, just curious.

Fourth: Does anyone happen to have dyno graphs before/after being tuned? I would like to compare the total power gain under the curve instead of peak power ratings.

I've searched through the forums pretty thoroughly, and there isn't really a consensus for the R's. If I missed a key thread about this subject somewhere let me know!


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I have had both the Rica and the ARD. Not really apples to apples but after a dyno run I was able to get Lucky to do some custom work. Will pull the ECU in a few weeks and have him smooth out the boost. But so far very happy with the ARD.

Here is a post I did with Dyno runs
Accuweather once again help me pick a Dyno day to match my bench mark temp.

Post Goal
To get the car working with the cams

Took the caR out For a Performance Driving class with the Nor Cal track day, , and it did quite well. I do need to do the TME springs for sure and get the 18" wheels on it with better tires. But most of all I need to learn how to drive the car better. The number of adjustments, on top of driving this car is a bit overwhelming. I'm sure it's more me not knowing the car. I can Drive the caR well it's how to use the tools to attain better results. I did not do so well on the cone driving section. But on the track It was a different story I have driven the track before (32 years ago LOL) . Hung in there with the Z06 Corvette and The 911 . Driving skills helped but it was fun to pull away from the 911 and to go into the corner a bit faster than the Vett and not get blown away. The caR was a quiet capable and did not get lost behind the Evo

It was not until it got on the track that the Rice Tune got it's grove back. It had been around 15 psi for most of the past few days. After getting on the track with a lot of WOT the boost was back up to 22 ( meter recall)

The above performance was verified today. My Butt Dyno was not working well due the pain in my wallet Dyno :mad: Paid a BIG Stupid tax on the cams.

So here is the base car where this all started, With Snabb, ESt CAI, TME exhaust and a full Stage 1 tune

<a href="http://imgur.com/PL1Xa"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/PL1Xal.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a>

I have to say I have both RICA and ARD Tunes. Below is the great news I got after the Cam install and I thought the car was running great . That was the optimistic Wallet Dyno talking

THE DROP With the cams and RICA Tune Dyno Run

<a href="http://imgur.com/aY99N"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/aY99Nl.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a>

I then sent the ECU off to ARD in the hopes it was just a tune issue and the results from June 22nd. Do not have a direct comparison with the Rica Stage II and ARD. You can see from the above what the ARD gains are.

<a href="http://imgur.com/kpPWS"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/kpPWSl.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a>

Well Where I am now 286.4 max AWHP
325.6 max Torgue

<a href="http://imgur.com/faRfo"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/faRfol.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a>

Custom IM is finished and should be here soon . Need to get FMIC installed. Will do Dynos after each upgrade

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Your throttle mapping with stay the same as it is now....easy in comfort....easy on sport ...and balls to the wall throttle map in advanced. Unless you have lucky change the oter two for YA;)
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