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Fixed the dent in my trunk...in my garage...with a rubber mallet...

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Me being the smartypants I am, backed into a fire hose container and the pole that was next to it.

I touched up the areas where the paint wasnt showing, otherwise I couldnt bear to even show the car. Its dirty so be nice.

Tools used:
Screw + Bolt
Corded hardcore drill
hardcore drill bit
Bondo dent remover
Magnetic tape
Touch up paint
Keyboard cleaner
Rubber mallet
6-pronged screw removal thingy and sproket

Quite a list, but it was quite the job.
Step 1: Cry over your dent.
Step 2: Clean area to work in.
Step 3: Find the lowest point in the dent. I did this by using a drip of water to find the lowest point. Marked it with a point with a perma marker. Wear glasses at this point; I got some debris in my eye last week and have learned my lesson; learn from mine too lol.

Step 4: Drill. The sheetmetal is MUCH thicker than you would expect so be ready with a heavyweight tool/bit. My dremel with the included drill bit didnt work. In fact heres what it did after a few minutes of going at it:

Switched to the heavyweight corded drill with heavy bit, made mincemeat of it.

Pulled of the trunk lining to get to the other side of hole, fed the bolt through with the nut for the puller on it. Def. the trickest part of this whole thing.

Step 5: Use the dent puller thingy. My dent came out in...a huge amount of time...
2. 2 pulls of the weight.

Step 6: Pull all the screws out.
Step 7: Admire a job well done.
Step 8: Realize that some smoothing out with a rubber mallet is necesary.
Step 9: Do the smoothing out.
Step 10: Seal hole, touch up, voila.
My hole was behind the trunk trim piece so I took that out, sealed the hole and put it in and most of it is covered anyway so I am happy.

Finished product:

Step 11: admire a job well done, kick back grab a
, and be more careful.
PS Used a hairdryer throughout to keep the metal warm so it was easier to work with. Beats the $1200 quote I got to fix it.
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Re: Fixed the dent in my trunk...in my garage...with a rubber mallet... (chromecarz00)

NICE write up !!!!!

Great job beats the hell out of 1200 thats for sure !!!!!!! http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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nice job bro! looks much better.
Re: Fixed the dent in my trunk...in my garage...with a rubber mallet... (chromecarz00)

wow dude u got some big ones drilling into ur car!
congrats on a job well done and a
from me
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Thanks guys. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared I'd f*ck it up but it worked out pretty well and the rest I'm saving for my detailing session.
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