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2009 C30 R-D MT
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Not yet a Volvo owner but been an admirer for a long time, and worked on a few along the way.

I'm making my first post here after signing up nearly five years ago, having dipped in to read (get tempted) many times over the years I already feel like I have a good feel for the community; in many ways this is at least partially the reason I'm feeling it is time to join the clan and get my first Volvo.

I am no stranger to wrenching, and am a lover of turbos and AWD - having owned quite a few DSM/GVR4, couple of WRXs and 5K/2C20V quattro - a Focus RS is my current transport.

I have begun my search for a T5 M66 P1 that I hope to make my daily driver - I really want an AWD C30 but feel that might have to be a goal and perhaps a V50 may be the first step.

I've been living in the Lakes Region of NH for over 17 years but am originally from the UK, specifically Yorkshire, and the accent has barely faded.

Lastly, not sure if it is because I have yet to make a post, or that I signed up so long ago, but my vBulletin account here seems to be a little broken or unprivileged; I'm getting a lot of
dansut, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:
Messages when I click on various links around the forum ... hope it fixes itself with this post, but if not ... fixed now

Looking forward to hopefully making some friends,
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