To be completely honest, a decent amount of artistic license went into this Find of the Day. The body is most definitely Volvo, but everything else, well, not so much.


So far as we can tell, the 120 Estate body has been fitted on top of the chassis from a late-1980s Toyota Pickup to make a vehicle that certainly looks interesting to say the least. Power comes from what we assume to be the original 22R Toyota four cylinder that came bolted to this very same chassis when it left Toyota's production facility. Also carried over from the Toyota are locking front hubs, disc brakes up front, and a 5 speed manual transmission. While we wouldn't call it that franken-Volvo of our dreams, we certainly think it's a very cool take on the classic model.


This Volvota(?) can currently be found on Craigslist in the Bakersfield, California area, at an asking price of $10,500. Additional pictures and information can be found right here.