Fans of Volvo's iconic brick box the 240 series will tell you that there are some qualities that can be held up as most appreciated. Coupes are rare and always cool. Manual transmission cars are also sought after. Lastly, the so-called "flat hood" is both rare and preferred for its simpler frontal appearance. So, if a car has all three, then we're thinking it's a winner.

Considering all of this, we offer you this Seattle-based 1976 242. On the up side, it's owned by a self-described Volvo Mechanic. On the downside, it sounds like he's been focusing more on other cars since it needs a heater core, blower motor and... wait for it... a head gasket.


Okay, we'll admit, that's a fair amount of repairs. That said, he knows it, and as such he's got it priced right at just $1500. In our opinion, that's still a deal. 240s are simple and easy to work on. Even if you don't know what you're doing, they're also easy on which to learn.

Find out more about this car on its Craigslist ad HERE .