The world at large has legends and lore, within the Volvo community there is the 1983 242 turbo flathead. The 1983 Volvo 242 turbo flathead was the first turbo Volvo with an intercooler to come to the U.S. The 1983 flathoods were fully loaded with power windows, doors, mirrors, and A/C. This fine example has all of those components and more in working order.

Here are the details that should get you very interested in this rare Volvo: 1983 242 Turbo, Flat Hood, BT21FT, M46, 189,500 miles, with professional rebuild at 148,500 miles in Volvo paint code 177 (Graphite Metallic), black interior. Complete and full documentation from the original window sticker to the original bill of sale and original owner's service records to 2005. Original owner's manual, radio manual and all other new car purchase documentation from 1983.

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