Yesterday's Find of the Day was 242 Turbo Rally Car was clearly a Grand Slam.  While we highly doubt that this humble P1800s will replicate that success, it will be for sale at the very same auction- meaning that if you've got the means and the desire, you could pick up both cars while you're there.  How convenient is that?


There isn't a whole lot of images or information about this 1800, so we're going to guess that it's your normal run-0f-the-mill example, but in really good shape.  These cars seem to be riding a nice wave at the moment, and Bonhams anticipates that this P1800s will fetch as much as $28,000 USD.  We'd say it's probably worth about that much, but as with most car purchases at the moment, only time will tell if it was a good investment or not.


For additional information about the sale, click here .