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Cosmos Blue 2.4T
Beige Leather
Premium/Touring/Cold weather STC packages
16" wheels
AOL options: CD changer/speakers/mud guards/trunk mat/load bars/sun shade

And here are the pics (no pic w/ load bars yet)

A proud new owner !!

cd changer mounted in trunk

trunk mat

mud guard

view through rear sunshade

interior w/ beige leather

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I got mine at Highland Park Volvo. Got a pretty good deal & trade in as I had bought my Sebring there 4 yrs ago. My only beef is that they weren't very communicative (ie didn't return many phone calls) when the car was overdue by 2 weeks.

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It's a great looking car and I know you are pleased with it. I think that the cosmos blue with beige is an attractive combination. Of course, it would be worth a great deal more if you had purchased it in Texas instead of Illinois!! Thanks for posting the pictures and best of luck.

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I, too, purchased at Highland Park, and the vehicle will have to go back to service for the third time, for the AOL options. The first time, everything was green light and ready to go. It was brought in early (8 AM) and was given a pickup time around 5-6. Came to pick it up and they realized they didn't have the rear hatshelf speaker grilles. That meant (for some reason) they didn't install the rear hatshelf speakers and the rear sunshade. Just today, I brought it back to have the grilles installed along with the sunshade and, gee, what do you know? They realized the sunshade they had sitting in their shop for >2 weeks was *defective*. Now, I'm going to have to go in there a THIRD time to get that replaced. I talked to a guy in their sales department about inadequate detailing around a month ago, and he said he'd check it out when the car came in the first time (for AOL options). That time, I was in a hurry to eat dinner with my family, and didn't persue that issue. This time (the second trip) I spoke to him when the car was dropped off, around 10 AM, and he said he'd go back and check out areas I pointed out. I went back to service and the writer went so far as to put masking tape up to show him *exactly* what I was talking about. When I came to pick up the car (around 4:30), the writer told me he hadn't been back there all day. He and the sales consultant that sold the car came outside, and after trying to talk with them, I realized I was wasting my breath and abandoned hope for a re-detail (as I could clean the car better than what was done). Also, after recieving a couple loaners that were S40s, I was a little disturbed, as my whole family heard, in a test drive with the sales consultant, him state we'd get an S60 or higher (S80) if we needed a loaner. I brought this up with the service manager, and he said that was totally incorrect and he could only give me what he currently had. I had to abandon that problem, because I figured I couldn't do anything about him lying. Also brought up to the service manager was the terrible state the car was returned to me, after the first AOL option trip. Immeadiatly (after thoroughly checking the car upon pickup) I found the IC trim caps (on the C pillar) in the door handles. I went in, but the people inside had no answers. I put them in and figured the mechanic just forgot to put them in. Later on, I was *really* checking the car over, and I found the entire driver's side of the rear seat loose. There's a latch very similar to the doors on the underside of the seats, which was not properly re-engaged. For the duration of the ride around, both myself and another family member were sitting on seat that wasn't attached to the car. Also very disturbing was my finding a trim piece to one of the rear seatbelts, the plastic part that smoothes the opening in the rear hatshelf for the seatbelt. All three were in place, yet there was one stashed in the passenger side front seat pocket. At this point (me sitting here typing this) I have no clue what else was put together improperly, and I feel really powerless and *very* tired of all this BS.

The customer is sometimes right just turned into the customer is never right.

Does anyone have comments? Anything?

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theEFFect --

that sucks you've had bad experiences w/ HP Volvo so far. Who was your salesman ? I sent you an email back in Feb after you slammed them on volvospy.com but you never replied. My car was in perfect shape when I got it, perhaps because it had just come off the truck the previous day. It also could have been because I was a royal pain in the ass when I was waiting for my car to be delivered (2 weeks late) and they were probably sick of hearing my voice

My salesman, Kevan Cotton, spent about 45 mins w/ me when I picked it up going over a full page of items that I wanted to check and for the most part was pretty straight-up w/ me.

If you're that upset, send a letter via registered mail to the head of Volvo North America & the dealership owner. I've always found that if you have a complaint, it's always best to start at the top and let them figure out who is responsible rather than going through the usual channels. It's worked for me the past. Hopefully I won't have the same probs as you had.

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Sorry for not replying, I remember your email now. In anticipation of the aol options, I cancelled my other ISP and stuck with AOL (just to make sure there wouldn't be issues with me getting the options, but not being a current member). My sales consultant was (from my memory) James Houston. He was nice, but knew little about the car (specifics about different packages, new Volvo pricing info, new sunroof policy, AOL incentive program). It took around 1 to two weeks alone to get the sales manager to order the options.

You're right. I'll stop screwing around with the guys at HP, as it's doing no good at all. Thanks much for your input, and I hope you have fun with the car

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Tom, you mentioned that you had a list of items that you checked when you picked up your car. What was on that list? And did you catch anything that was wrong? I'm curious because I'm about to order my own 2.4T and I thought I would follow your lead and prepare a list of items to check when I pick up mine.

Nice photos by the way... I can't decide which wheels to get, either the 16's or 17's. Do you have any complaints with your 16's? Would you have done anything differently now that you have had your car for a while?

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I got the 16" wheels because the potholes here in Chicago aren't very kind. My old car was a Chrysler Sebring w/ 17" wheels and over the 4 years I had it, I probably had about 8 flats due to dinged rims -- even got one 4 days before I traded it in ! I hear the Sebring rims were crap but it was getting ridiculous. Also, I don't drive hard enough to have the wheels make a difference anyways. I think I'll like the smoother ride, to be honest.

Here's a list of what I checked at the dealer:

- check to make sure all ordered packages/options are installed
- cosmos blue
- 16" mimas (7 spoke) wheels)
- auto trans
cold weather
- heated seats
- headlamp wipers
- traction control
touring package
- homelink (bring openers to program)
- auto rear headrests
- dash cup holder
- trunk grocery bag holder
- auto dim mirrors
- trip computer (show functionality)
- outside mirror memory
premium package
- beige leather
- leather steering wheel
- wood trim
- sunroof
- HU 613 CD player
- hatshelf speakers
- power passenger seat
- upgraded speakers (check part numbers - should be extra tweeters)
- 10 CD changer in trunk
- rear sunshade
- trunk mat
- rear mudflaps
- roof crossbars

- check for dings, chips, blemishes etc.. on exterior & interior
- keyless entry for locks, trunk, panic, "approach" lighting
- alarm system
- power seats/memory functionality
- heated seats
- lumbar support in seats
- auto-foldown rear headrests
- washer/wipers (windshield & headlight)
- check all lights -- DRL, headlights, brights, brakelights, turn signals, rear foglights, backup, interior, glovebox, rear passenger, vanity mirror
- functionality of sunroof
- functionality of all windows
- rear saftey locks
- floor mats
- various warning chimes (seatbelt, headlights)
- take car for drive before paying - listen for unusual noises
- cruise control
- heat/AC/ECC/defroster system
- heated mirrors
- radio/CD player
- auto-off of headlights (?)
- funtionality of traction control (if possible ?)
- parking brake
- have dealer show how to program radio/clock, etc..
- ask about recent service bulletins (shocks ?)
- get recommendations on cleaning materials, gas, oil
- 60/40 split rear seats
- turn up stereo to check for rattles (didn't do this !!)

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Oops! Ok, I finally figured out what this AOL deal was. I didn't know that it was "America Off Line". I thought it was an option package that I couldn't seem to find anywhere. Looks like I missed the boat on this one, DAMNIT!

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