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Finally got ElakR's DP/Cutout on my t5...

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You guys have no idea what your missing out on. Pipe looks even better in person and the sound is INCREDIBLE. I had srt4 and mazdaspeed 3/6 guys compliment the actual design of the pipe since the cutout is actualy on the dp as opposed to most cutout guys who weld the cutout further down the exhaust near their second cat. With the cutout open, I essentially have a 2 foot dump pipe right out the turbo.

Before I blew the tcv... I was getting about .02 mPa above stock boost pressure at WOT. I feel as if I didn't gain anything on the low end... but gain ALOT on the top end. I'll get videos as soon as I can, but I installed the pipe the same way jim(elakr) did... so it's not much different.

and last but no least... Jim was incredible to work with. He helped me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. with payment, the millions of questions my annoying paranoid ass had, the shipping... everything. The R crowd is lucky to have him... the only worthy guy us p2 t5 guys have is justin... and that's not even his car! it's his wifes LOL. and on top of that... i think it's getting sold real soon. us p2t5 guys are poop outta luck
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Re: Finally got ElakR's DP/Cutout on my t5... (Elak R)

Quote, originally posted by Elak R »
Thanks for the kind words fightinchunk. I am glad it is working out for you. It blew alot of peoples minds here in Indiana! Nobody ever expects a Volvo to sound like that. I miss the sound, but glad it is working out for you. Definitely put videos up soon.

Good luck with it! http://********************/smile/emthup.gif

Yes, it blew my mind. I heard that thing one quiet Saturday morning in Zionsville. Wow! Blew the bricks off Main Street!
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