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Took 5 weeks to get this far.

I had the Volvo dealership do the Evolve lowering springs, sway bars and exhaust.

I had C&C collisions in Pasadena do the body kit, hood and paint the engine. Nate did a great job, but said this will be his last body kit from Evolve since he had so much trouble with it. They had problems with the front bumper bubbling up on them after painting. The material still developed pockets of air even with no baking involved.

I love the end results. The car handles so much better and I'm having a lot of fun driving it. The amount of attention on the highway and the amount of compliments is incredible

I took out the 10mm spacers in the front. I have 10mm still in the back and I think it's even enough for me.

I had Nate spread out the back up sensors about 4 inches on each side from factory to help with the problems. This looks like it has solve my problem with detection at the corners

The pipe was sanded and painted in black chrome. Finished with a clear coat of candy. The engine covers were shot in Electrical silver with the R in blue candy. I have gloss black hoses on order and I'll shoot the clamps in the same candy blue.

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