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Hey guys, brand new account here, i've done some perusing, but couldn't quickly find anything that directly relates to my few problems. (if i'm just blind and you have a link, I would appreciate it, and I apologize ! )

The car i'm looking at is a 2004 Volvo 280 2.5T AWD at 220,000KM, just had front ball joint, timing belt, and water pump done. The E-brake is loose, and needs to be adjusted, and the last exhaust hanger at the very back of the exhaust system is rusted out completely. The front windows don't work either, and apparently its just a regulator (x2). There is also something to do with the security alarm, that has disabled the sun roof ( didn't probe into that one too much).

My question is, are any of these things big worries, and is there anything else I should be looking out for ? Rest of the car looks good, all the fluids are clean, no frame rust, and the interior is in really good shape.

Thanks in advance for any advice, I really appreciate it ! \
If this thread doesn't fit some kind of posting rules I apologize ! il delete it and get it posted in the right spot !
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