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Wow what a PITA!!! Getting ready to reinstall the new DP and unfortunately it cam with ZERO directions!?!

Very disappointing to say the least. It came with two O2 sensor extensions. Do I use both or just one? If Just one, front or back?

Another question is that my stock DP didn't have the top front bolt? Strange because there was no evidence of any of the firewall being removed or any other parts that I had to disassemble and there were quite a few to say the least. I miss my 86 Buick Grand National!! Very easy to work on and access things. I'm going to attempt to find a bolt tomorrow (Sat:angryfire:)

I will try and post how I did the R&R of the DPs when I'm done.

The removal was a bear. Had to remove a lot of parts and most are difficult to get to.

I have the Elevate cat-back to install once i get the DP in.

Also installing the Elevate intake/filter,
snabb inlet pipes (when they arrive, hopefully Monday or Tuesday because i have everything off right now)

Just finished GFB Diverter Valve install. getting the stock one off wasn't easy, turbo coolant line had to be removed to access it) again really difficult to access. once out the install was a breeze. I tried to drain the radiator but nothing came out of the petcock when I turned counter-clockwise 1/4 turn, strange! I didn't want to turn it anymore than that since I read that someone broke theirs. So I had fluid pissing all over the underside and half in the drop pan the rest on the garage floor.

Hopefully I have enough energy and not to sore to install do88 intercooler this weekend
Then comes the tune.

This all started due to my CAT failing.
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