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just a feeler thread now to see whats out there and whose intrested.

I will have a 98 nautic blue S70 Factory T5M with
- Bilstein TC's
- Rebuilt head
- New T-belt
- New PCV
- New suspension all around
- Charcoal Interior
- Car has 161K on it
- Spoiler fog lights everything
- Will have perfos on it

not being a big fan of sedans so i cant talk myself into keeping it. that being said id love to trade it for a wagon.

MUST BE VERY CLEAN exterior wise. interior i can swap out so i dont care too much about that. bad motor or bad trans i dont care about either but obviously i would expect some cash on top if it doesnt run...

exterior colors id be intrested in,

- Silver
- Olive Green
- Nautic Blue
- Venitian Red or regent red
- maybe 427 grey

i DO NOT want black, 601 red, tan, or tropic green any other color feel free to ask..

paint must in very good shape and is the only thing im really worried about. If its a 98 it can either be a GLT or T5 auto or manual whatever you have and may be willing to trade. Depending on what the car is it could be just a straight up trade or i may want some cash on top. i will even be willing to throw some cash in on my side if what you have is exceptional.

I would take a 99-00 only if its a factory t5 5spd. again would be willing to throw some cash down. Only want turbo cars. Only want a V70 unless you have a yellow 855

again just a feeler for now as the s70 is still being finished up. so if any of you would want to trade your clean auto wagon for a factory T5M sedan please let me know
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