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Just lookin for a change. Car has 207,000 miles on it and runs awesome! Burns no oil, shifts smooth and mechanically is in awesome shape. Haven't had any problems at all other then typical wear items.

Car has 17" IT Italia wheels, EST Intake, and is straight piped from where the muffler used to be. It's not loud at all but has a good note to it. Back 3 windows are tinted with limo darkness. Has xenon low beams with no dash light. Also has a iPod hookup.

Interior is in good shape however the stitching is coming apart on the seams, just needs to be resewn. Body is a 7/10 due to it having a salvage title. I love the car but just want something different. Not looking to sell as much as I would like to trade for something different. Would have to be turbo. If I was goin to put a cash value on it I would take 4000.

Picture below is before tint.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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