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Feeler 18x8 pegs with Tires **NICE**

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18x8 Pegs with tires....
Would like to get around $700.00 for the entire set...Would prefer local pick up but Ill ship at the buyers expense.
Thanks for looking

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Nick I may be interested in these ill check back to look at the pictures
Re: (C130)

The pegs are silver and in excellent condition http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: (painthunter9)

How do you feel about those Nexen tires?
How much tread left on the tires, any idea shipping costs to Texas, Houston area. I was thinking about the darker gray color but haven't decided for sure yet.

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Re: (C130)

I actually never drove on these wheels because I bought them in the winter and now I have to sell them http://********************/smile/emthdown.gif
But for tread left I can get you some pictures of them with coins in them or I would guess about 75%
As for shipping to texas I can look into it but I bet it wont be cheap
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Just emailed you...
I'll take them for $700 including shipping if you can do that. I will send PayPal payment ASAP.

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Emailed and ready to do better than $700 shipped ^^^^ email back!
Any idea the shipping cost? I have no idea what it costs to ship a wheel, could add lots to the price.
Re: (Veefifty T5AWD)

Emailed Veefifty T5AWD back.......
And I have not looked at how much to ship them yet...
I'm interested as well. If you can calculate how shipping will cost to NJ/08807 put me down on the list.
Re: (jtc_s60r)

Jtc_s60r sent you an Im back

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Re: (painthunter9)

still for sale
did you look into shipping them to VT for me? Zip 05641
Re: Feeler 18x8 pegs with Tires **NICE** (painthunter9)

What would shipping be to 18901 or 18902.? Very interested.
I have emailed and IM, made offer, offered to PayPal immediately and not a word. Zip is 77382 for shipping if you get any quotes.
Re: (C130)

It costs about $30 to ship a wheel with tire across country. Depending on if you use UPS, FedEx or the Post Office it may vary $5-10 either way. I would figure $120 is a good estimate. I just shipped two 17" Canistos with no tires from DC to OR and it cost me $56 FedEx 7-day home delivery.
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