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Keep Cool With FCP Euro's Comprehensive Cooling System Kits For Your Volvo!

One of the most crucial systems to service in your vehicle is your engine's cooling system. The cooling system is not only responsible for keeping your engine temperatures within specification but it is also responsible for delivering heat to your car's interior cabin for the climate system. The coolant system is constantly exposed to high temperatures and constant thermal cycling. Components such as radiator hoses are made of rubber and will become brittle with time and use resulting in cracks, loss of engine coolant, and possible engine damage from overheating.

Over time the cooling system in your Volvo will become worn, brittle, and troublesome. This cooling system kit will effectively overhaul your cooling system, replacing many critical components that can be prone to failure. The kit includes Genuine Volvo parts and will protect your investment avoiding costly repairs while adding reliability.

Replacing cooling system components regularly as part of your periodic maintenance will ensure a long life for your cooling system and engine. Keep your cooling system operating efficiently and up to Volvo standards with these comprehensive cooling system kits.

Volvo Cooling System Kit (XC90) - Rein KIT-P2XC90CSK25TOEM - 219.99

Volvo Cooling System Kit (XC90) - Rein KIT-P2XC90CSK25T2OEM - 219.99

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