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As you probably already know Sway bar links are a vital piece to your vehicle's suspension system. Responsible for linking the body of your vehicle to it's suspension it stabilizes the vehicle during corners and maneuvering. Suspension components like Stabilizer Bar Links wear out over time often resulting in poor handling or a clunking sound over bumps and maneuvering. Check for excessive play in these bushings and replace if necessary.

Sway bar links tend to wear, crack, or deteriorate over time not performing at the best of their ability resulting in poor handling and possible premature failure of other suspension components. If you have noticed that your Volvo is not handling at its fullest potential or that your hearing a clunk from the front or rear suspension of your vehicle, it may be a good idea to give your sway bar links a good inspection.

Volvo Sway Bar Link Kit Front And Rear - Meyle P1SWYBRLNKKT - 123.99

Volvo Sway Bar Link Kit Front (C30 C70 S40 V50) - Lemforder KIT-P1SBLKT1 - 47.99

Volvo Sway Bar Link Kit Front And Rear (C30 C70 S40 V50) - Lemforder KIT-P1SBLKT3 - 103.99

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