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Hello All,

It's your last week to redeem your September loyalty codes so act quickly. We offer loyalty discounts exclusively to our returning customers as a simple way to thank you for your business.

• $10 off $199+ Use code: mtd76w9x
• $25 off $399+ Use code: dh46ppk3
• $50 off $799+ Use code: c3ff2hk9
• $75 off $999+ Use code: gyb27ec4
• $100 off $1199+ Use code: tmm93y7b
• $200 off $1999+ Use code: 5xwb93p2

Use Codes Now

Additionally, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on everything we sell, Free Shipping over $49, and Unlimited 365 Day Returns.

Don't see something listed on our website? Shoot me an email at [email protected]. Use the word "Swedespeed" in the subject line.

Visit our website at www.fcpeuro.com.

All the best,


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I used to get upset at these discounts because I'm usually not spending over $200 and even if I was, the discount is only 5% :(

But then I started using FCP more and began to realize that their prices for OEM parts are often the lowest anywhere and they actually have experienced customer service reps that can answer technical questions. I have not had to use their lifetime warranty for everything but I have heard good stories that they truly do honor it. A lifetime warranty on everything including wear items is unheard of but apparently it's working out for FCP.
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