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FCP Euro OW-20 vs Castrol OW-20 for warranty.

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Silly question for everybody.

I'm still under my CPO warranty which expires later this year but the Volvo dealership I usually go to is a bit far for me to travel and they just raised prices a fair amount.

I had the piston ring repair done about a year ago and know I need to change oil with the OW-20 Volvo VCC RBS0-2AE spec. The first oil change after getting my piston rings repaired was with the Volvo dealership.

Do I need to have Castrol OW-20 VCC RBS0-2AE oil to keep my CPO warranty? The service bulletin says that I have to use Castrol but this doesn't seem correct.

"Maintenance or repairs on all model year vehicles with VEP4 2.0L engines requiring the replacement of engine oil must be performed using only Castrol EDGE Pro V 0W-20 oil. As of April 1, 2020, Volvo will not pay any oil maintenance or repairs claims that are performed without using Castrol EDGE Professional V 0W-20 oil. "

I was going to buy the FCP liqui moly oil which meets the VCC RBS0-2AE spec and have it changed at the local independent shop which is much cheaper and closer. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Thanks a lot everybody. I'll just go back to the dealer I've been going to to avoid any trouble and then likely do the liqui moly once I'm out of warranty.
I am taking a similar approach with my CPO car, the dealer is doing every oil change. I am giving them zero wiggle room when it comes to warranty issues. I know that legally they can't make me do this, but given that oil changes are about twice a year it seems worth it to avoid time wasting disputes.
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