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Hey All,

Its been a really rough winter and there is no time greater than the present to give your car's suspension system a look over. If the roads in your area are anything like mine then you know all too well that its almost impossible to avoid every pothole and that your suspension has taken some serious recent abuse over these past few months.

As we all know our struts lose the rebounding abilities over time and tend to leak and rust out not performing to their highest ability along with our control arm bushings and ball joints which bear the biggest brunt of the load. These failed components can lead to consequential wear in other areas like your tires and steering components not to mention that a worn suspension can decrease your braking performance too.

Below I've highlighted some of the brand new suspension kits added to our FCP catalog with OE brands such as Lemforder, Sachs, and TRW. These kits are of high quality and I have carefully pieced them together with our customers best interest in mind to provide the highest level of satisfaction. When repairing your vehicle with Original Equipment Manufacturer brands you get the piece of mind knowing that the parts your installing are of the same quality that originally lasted you 10's of thousands if not a hundred thousand miles plus.

I'm still adding new kits to the FCP Euro catalog so if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected].

Jason VanGorden
Volvo Product Manager

Volvo Strut Kit Front 6 Piece (S60 V70 S80) - Meyle KIT-P2SRTKT3P6

Volvo Control Arm Kit Front 6 Piece (S60 V70) - Lemforder S60CAKIT2

Volvo Strut & Mount Kit Front (850 C70 S70 V70) - Sachs VFSK3-OEM

Volvo Control Arm Kit Front 2 Piece (S80) - TRW KIT-P2S80CAKT5P2
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